A. D. McCormick

Flowers of the Trans-Pacific

This project is a visual anthropology of the "Trans-Pacific," a glorious union of nations that will surely be great one day.

German artist Jochen Gerz, for a public project in Coventry, which had been obliterated by the Germans decades earlier, asked participants, “Who are your past enemies? Who are your current friends?” Where does hatred end and kinship begin? How rigid are the national borders that define identity and give structure to conflict? What are the ethics for the pragmatic manipulation of history, for peace or profit?

"Just an Airplane and Certainly Nobody's Mother" 2018, digital illustration, 1113 x 1376 pixels

"Flowers of the Trans-Pacific" 2018, digital illustration, 2297 x 3000 pixels

"Ghost Ship" 2018, digital illustration, 1440 x 900 pixels

"Commodore Perry's Official Signature" 2018, digital illustration, 2833 x 3376 pixels

"Simoda Dollar" 2018, digital illustration, 7531 x 3347 pixels

"Great Wave (Four Leaders, One Gesture)" 2018, digital illustration, 9600 x 7800 pixels

You can contact me at andrew at admccormick dot com.